Payment Policies

Payment is expected at the time of service unless other arrangements are made in advance. Any outstanding balances or past due accounts may need to be taken care of or discussed prior to appointments being scheduled.

Message To Our Patients

We appreciate the opportunity to serve your medical needs. We hope that you will leave our office with an appreciation for the value of the services you have received. Accordingly, we ask all of our patients to pay for their services at the time the services are rendered.

We attempt to make this payment as easy as possible by accepting cash, checks, and credit cards. We now have available Electronic Drafts. You simply execute an authorization form and the payment for your services received at our office will be drafted from your checking account. For those of you desiring payment programs, a series of drafts can be arranged. By offering this new payment service, we are able to save you from the time, hassle, and money involved in receiving statements and issuing checks to settle your account. Please inquire at our front desk about how you can establish an electronic draft program with our office.

In most circumstances, we can assistance you with your insurance, but you are responsible with providing us with correct information for filing your insurance. Please routinely update your insurance information as it changes as well as your address and phone number. You are ultimately responsible for the payment of your medical care. All co-pays and deductibles must be paid at the time of your visit. Any adult bringing a minor in for medical care is responsible for payment of the minor’s care. We send monthly statements and we reserve the right to turn delinquent accounts over to collection agencies if you fail to properly communicate with us about your account. You may be charged nominal fees for written letters and assistance with disability forms or other services outside of your medical care that provide you with paid benefits.


  • Please keep your account information up to date
  • We do not bill insurance for motor vehicle accidents
  • Please let us know if you are having trouble with your account


Our office receives literally hundreds of phone calls each day. Phone communication resources should be used primarily to make an appointment or discuss your account. You should leave each office visit not only with an appointment for your next visit, but with enough medication refills to last until your next visit.

The patients who are currently visiting us in the office require our complete resources and attention. The doctors cannot be called away to talk on the phone. If you do call, be prepared to make an appointment or leave a brief messages concerning your needs. We do attempt to respond to your message requests on a daily basis.

Please relate any urgent needs to our staff as we may need to see you right away or direct you to the emergency department. Especially if your child is ill, please tell us, as a sick child will almost always be accommodated.

If you need medications for a new condition or you need medical attention, it is best to make an appointment by calling 427-6964. We can often provide general medical advice over the phone, but we can never treat you without a proper medical evaluation. You may be charged for any medical care rendered over the phone.


Please bring all of your medications to each visit and any insurance formulary requests. We can review your medication needs and complete your care without inefficient call backs concerning your medications. In most circumstances, if you are out of your medications, it is time for you to come into the office to be seen for ongoing care and any medication adjustments.

We do not refill meds after hours or on weekends. It is your responsibility to plan in advance so you do not run out of your medications. In general, you should not call for medications and ask us to treat new symptoms of an undiagnosed condition over the phone. We will not call you back to confirm that we called your pharmacy.

Many local pharmacies provide “e-prescribing” which is a very safe and efficient method of electronic medication refilling and prescribing. Other methods of calling and faxing can delay your medication refills for several days.

Ask your pharmacy about this service. Call and make an appointment at 427-6964. We provide same day appointment for your convenience and your acute and urgent medical needs.

Office Hours

We are fully staffed throughout the week. This should be adequate time to provide care to our patients. We provide same day care, even to patients new to Wayne Family Practice.

You can usually be seen by your personal physician, but more urgent visits may require you to see an alternative physician as available. You will always have access to a board certified physician at Wayne Family Practice.